Summit Pacific Medical Foundation Supporting the Physical Health of Local Youth

(ELMA, WA) – Staying active is important year-round, but with temperatures dropping, it can become challenging to do the outdoor activities and sports we typically enjoy during the warmer months. It is one of our goals to create a space in our community where anyone can stay active no matter what time of the year it is.

Summit Pacific Medical Foundation (SPMF) has been working on a plan to better serve the youth in our community, including expanding programs and services that promote physical activity. Our two-story indoor rock-climbing wall is the perfect way to stay active while staying warm this winter. SPMF has been working with the Elma School District to get fifth graders to visit Summit Pacific for a free climb during their P.E. class.

“I so appreciated your warm welcome and constant encouragement to our students yesterday. Those kids really need positive adult interactions, and their buckets were filled to the brim by your kindness. Thank you for taking the time to allow us to use your amazing facilities and for pouring into children from our community. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Our instructor provides each student with basic climbing knowledge and safety information to make their climbing experience efficient and enjoyable. The goal is to engrain healthy habits into the lives of our youth and show them that staying active can be fun. Each student also receives a certificate to bring their family back to join them on their next climb.

Please check our schedule online at to book your climbing experience.

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