Summit Pacific Medical Center Expansion Plans and 2028 Vision Shared at Town Hall Forums

CEO Josh Martin Shares Expansion Overview and Vision at Elma and McCleary Events

(Elma, WA) – Summit Pacific Medical Center, a leading Grays Harbor healthcare provider, held two Town Hall forums on November 27th at the McCleary Community Center and November 29th at the Summit Pacific Wellness Center. Summit’s CEO, Josh Martin, shared details about the facility’s upcoming expansion plans and the organization’s vision for positively impacting the community’s youth population in the years to come.

Expansion Details

Martin shared how Summit Pacific’s upcoming expansion will dramatically enhance access to services to meet the community’s evolving healthcare needs. The key points from the presentation included:

  1. Increase in Acute Care Beds: Summit Pacific will double its acute care beds from 10 to 20, with the flexibility to accommodate up to 25 beds, ensuring increased capacity to meet growing demand.
  2. Emergency Department Renovation: The current emergency department will undergo significant expansion, increasing treatment spaces from 10 to 16, improving response capabilities, and reducing waiting times.
  3. Enhancements for Patient Care: The project focuses on improving patient care with increased areas for triage and patient holding, designated mental health rooms, expanded trauma rooms, and improved waiting areas.
  4. Patient Flow Improvements: Innovative design changes will be implemented to enhance patient flow, promising an improved overall patient experience and heightened safety measures.

Financing Overview

The estimated $60 million hospital expansion will be financed through revenue bonds, offering multiple advantages:

  1. No Increase in Taxes: Community members will not experience any tax increases to fund the expansion.
  2. Stable Service Costs: Services will not see special price increases to support the project.
  3. Future Financial Flexibility: Future bond rating upgrades may allow for debt refinancing at lower rates, ensuring financial stability.
  4. Timely Project Execution: The project will maintain its start date, ensuring critical and timely services to the community.
  5. Accelerated Construction Timeline: An accelerated timeline for construction is expected, resulting in improved patient quality of care, safety, and reduced risks.

“As we embark on this transformative journey with our expansion project, the financial strategy we’ve crafted will provide significant benefits for Summit Pacific and our community. By meeting our project start date, we are proactive in minimizing the impact of inflation, ensuring that our resources are utilized efficiently,” stated Martin.

“Moreover, our financial strategy is not just about responsible fiscal management — it’s about substantial cost savings. The projected savings of an estimated $70 million underscore our commitment to smart allocation of resources. This financial foresight allows us to not only meet our immediate needs but also positions us for a sustainable and impactful future.”

CEO Josh Martin concluded the presentation by sharing Summit’s 2028 vision for the local community. He emphasized that Summit Pacific is committed to collaborating with the community and partners so that the well-being of local youth can be greatly improved through enhanced access to services, safe spaces, and engaging activities.

The comprehensive overview of Summit Pacific’s expansion plans, financing strategy, and long-term vision shared in the Town Hall forums underscores the organization’s dedication to providing high-quality healthcare and fostering community well-being.

In Spring 2024, Summit Pacific will again host Town Hall Forums for the Grays Harbor community, and leaders anticipate providing additional informative updates at local events throughout 2024.

Summit Pacific is a vibrant and expanding nonprofit public hospital district serving east Grays Harbor County, Washington. Founded in 1982, Summit Pacific now operates in three locations comprised of a critical access hospital, primary care clinics, an urgent care clinic and a range of ancillary and specialty services. Summit Pacific’s vision is “Through Summit Care, we will build the healthiest community in the Nation.” To learn more about Summit Pacific, visit

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