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We Value Independence
Through Interdependence

The Rural Collaborative

Vision, Values, Mission and Purpose

We defend, create and design the future of rural health care through collective strategy and action.

To accelerate the advancement of rural healthcare:


Shared Services, Shared Programs and Preferred Member Pricing

To reduce costs, standardize processes and remove redundancies, a key component of the Collaborative goes beyond just centralization or consolidation. Shared services and programs are operated like a business while also delivering services to our members lower costs as compared to external models.

Alternative Payment Models through Value-Based Contracting

Healthcare reimbursement is evolving away from a per visit environment towards a community health and value-based approach. The Collaborative members work together to negotiate value-based programs with health insurance companies.

Statewide Peer Networking

The Collaborative hosts multiple committees and groups across our membership to share best practices, identify new opportunities, and standardized protocols, policies and procedures.

Introducing: The Rural Collaborative Ethics Committee

The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to further the Collaborative’s vision to leverage the synergy and wisdom of our members, and to harness the value that a network of rural health systems provides.

The Ethics Committee is a multi-disciplinary group of health care professionals and community members who will consider and discuss ethical aspects in the medical practices throughout the Rural Collaborative Network to enhance the quality of patient care.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Ethics Committee, please complete and submit this application.

The Rural Collaborative

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